BEING BEBE is a documentary about how we all perform in everyday life – in both on-stage and off-stage situations. And we explore this topic through the experiences of drag performer BeBe Zahara Benet.

BeBe’s originally from Cameroon in West Africa, and now lives in the US. He’s a magnetic guy, and 6’2” – before the hair and the heels.

Our camera has captured BeBe’s rising and falling star over the course of nearly a decade. If this were a traditional observational documentary, we would chronicle: his early days doing drag in Minneapolis, to winning the first season of reality show RuPaul’s Drag Race, to moving to New York, to 5 years later, struggling to make ends meet.

But our structure is different. It takes place primarily in the present, and frequently “calls back” to important moments/memories that we’ve documented over time; moments which evidence the person who “BeBe” has both invented and actually become.

In this present day, Marshall (as we and his family call him) feels tremendous pressure to get his career back on track in the face of fading relevance and the passage of time. In the midst of launching a new live show called “Reveal,” which he hopes will make it possible to keep living and working in NYC, he decides to take an intense and unconventional acting class about accessing your most authentic self. It’s particularly challenging for him, coming from Cameroon, where being gay is grounds for imprisonment and exhibiting vulnerability can be risky. Over many powerful sessions with other students, Marshall transforms in emotional and surprising ways.

BEING BEBE will move audiences to recognize the courage and beauty inherent in being honestly seen for who we are – for better or worse, in all of our truthful glory.


We are currently in post-production, editing our hearts out and raising the finishing funds to get this film edited and out into the world by early 2017!

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